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The Creative Process: Manifestation

To manifest is to make something visible. In essence, creating is making something known that was not before. Art making is self-actualizing. Through the act of making things, we define aspects of ourselves. By cooking a wonderful dinner for example, we foster the idea of ourselves as capable of cooking a tasty, nutritious meal. Similarly, […]

The Creative Process: Exploration

Exploration is the stage of the creative process that requires the most courage. Some even skip incubation and preparation and surrender themselves to exploring. In art therapy, the therapist often prepares the space and the materials so that the client may start exploring immediately. Some artists also keep fuss-free materials at the ready in order […]

The Creative Process: Preparation

Preparing to create may take different forms for different people. I find it helpful to conceptualize it in terms of physical and mental preparation. Further, there’s prepping the environment or space, materials and most importantly the spirit. Environment: What type of space is your preferred work space? Note: outsider artists have created in the most […]

The Creative Process: Incubation

I have been thinking about what kind of content I want to publish here, mulling over different ideas and even started writing a few articles. This part of the creative process is “incubation”. Many times we have to go inside ourselves and find the mental space that houses the Source of our thoughts, dreams, beliefs and […]

Thoughts on Suicide and Prevention

I’ve had lots of thoughts about suicide prevention since the announcement of Chris Cornell’s untimely death last week. No one has all the answers but having worked in community mental health for 18 years, I know there are many instances where suicide can be prevented. If anyone you know mentions anything about wanting to end their […]

Adoption and Loss

I recently wrote about adopting after infertility. In the article, I focused mostly on the adoptive parents and the need to resolve the loss of the biological “would be child” in order to form a healthy relationship with an adoptive child. Certainly infertility and pregnancy loss are significant. What I neglected to address are the two […]

Adopting After Infertility

by Raina Cowan on April 29, 2017 In the film Lion, there is a scene in which the main character “Saroo” ( really “Sheru”, meaning “lion” in Hindi, played by Dev Patel) about to embark on a trip back to India to find his biological family, tells his adoptive mom Sue (played by Nicole Kidman) […]

A poem in honor of National Infertility Awareness Week

STALLED by Raina Cowan The seeds were planted but not sown Our hearts ache with never knowing, our babies never growing. As if time stopped, our lives stalled Waiting for due dates that never arrive, trying out names, looking at tiny clothes, socks & shoes, waiting for you to materialize but you never do. Full […]