Thoughts on Suicide and Prevention

I’ve had lots of thoughts about suicide prevention since the announcement of Chris Cornell’s untimely death last week. No one has all the answers but having worked in community mental health for 18 years, I know there are many instances where suicide can be prevented. If anyone you know mentions anything about wanting to end their life, or wishing they were dead, it’s better to err on the side of caution, and immediately get that person to an emergency room, or somewhere they can receive professional help. Do one better and notify the triage nurse or admitting staff of the situation so that they know to screen for suicidal thoughts and/or plans. An active plan constitutes immediate risk and necessitates urgent treatment.

Sadly (and sometimes tragically) if a person is misusing prescription medication, abruptly stops without doctor’s guidance, combines with other prescription or OTC medications, alcohol or street drugs or even mistakenly takes the wrong dose or inadvertently skips a dose, there may be serious, even fatal consequences. It is vitally important that people follow doctor’s orders and only take their own medication as prescribed. For people combining prescribed medications, with other substances, there are harm reduction protocols you can follow to use as safely as possible. Whenever possible, do not isolate yourself when taking medications or using substances. Sometimes another person is a lifesaver.

Here is an article I found to be very compelling:

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