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What is Art Tx?

What is Art Therapy Part 2

If you read segments 1 & 3, you know I skipped Part 2! Here it is:   Art therapy is a dynamic modality, used individually and with groups, in diverse settings with a variety of clientele of all ages. I hope to capture some of…
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What Is Art Therapy Part 3

This is Part 3 of my #marketingmondays series on What Is Art Therapy. I may have accidentally skipped Part 2. All I know is I wrote this, and it doesn't quite seem like Part 2, but it's what I wrote so I'm gonna go with it. Who says it has to…
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What is Art Therapy?/ #Marketing Monday

I’m going to spend the next few #MarketingMondays exploring what Art Therapy is. Please note, it’s difficult to convey in words what is primarily experienced through the body. Art therapy (art making) is by nature a physical experience as…